"This energectic performer challenges what ‘old ladies’ can do and say with laughs, sass, and song"

- NYTheatre.com

I Did it My Ways Book

I Did it My Ways

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An 86-year old stand-up comedian's life-long journey from prudish to scandalous Parisian.

A hilarious and heartfelt memoir by D'yan Forest with Stephen Clarke.

D'yan Forest has always done things her way – or her ways, because she's lived a dozen different lives. She's been a desperate Boston housewife, a New York night-club singer and a Paris swinger. She's been the only Jewish girl in a Christian choir and the female pianist in a transvestite cabaret. She had day jobs teaching basketball, piano and sex education. She dated Paris's second-ever female bus driver, a transsexual rock guitarist and a defrocked nun. She also managed to get German friends to visit Nazi concentration camps, on her personal quest to understand why her European relatives were massacred. At 86, D'yan is still a working stand-up comedian and musician, but she's much, much more than that, as this hilarious but heartfelt memoir reveals...

Written by D'yan Forest with Stephen Clarke, best selling British author of books like 1,000 Years of Annoying the French and A Year in the Merde, and co-writer of D'yan's latest stage show, Swingin' on the Seine.