Guinness World Record Worlds Oldest Female Comedian
Swinging on the Seine Show

Swinging on the Seine

Swinging on the Seine at Frigid NY!
February 18th - March 5th, 2023

Comedienne and cabaret artist D'yan Forest (currently Guinness World Records Title Holder for Oldest Female Comedian in the World) has always been ahead of her time. In 1963 she moved to Paris as a young, innocent, recently divorced Bostonian looking to make it big in the Parisian cabaret scene. Immersing herself in the glitz, glamour, and scandalous nightlife of the era, the naive D’yan was transported from a sheltered suburban existence to a life filled with underground sex clubs and the swinger’s scene. A coming of age story like you have never seen it. At 88, the audacious D'yan is still going strong. Come celebrate life, love, and the city of Paris with her!

"A delightful romp. Forest is a bit of a scamp and her tales of naughty mischief are both entertaining and inspiring...she's a complete and total hoot." -- Theatre Is Easy, Best Bet

Swinging on the Seine was written by D’yan Forest and Stephen Clarke (bestselling author of “A Year in the Merde”). D’yan Forest has performed all over the world with notable performances in New York, Paris, Edinburgh and even Ethiopia. If there’s a stage, chances are she’s been on it.

Joe's Pub Show

Joe's Pub

Save the date date! D'yan returns to Joe's Pub on May 2 at 7pm! Tickets and more info coming soon!