Guinness World Record Worlds Oldest Female Comedian

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Swinging on the Seine

Swinging on the Seine

Comedienne and cabaret artist D'yan Forest (currently Guinness World Records Title Holder for Oldest Female Comedian in the World) has always been ahead of her time. In 1963 she moved to Paris as a young, innocent, recently divorced Bostonian looking to make it big in the Parisian cabaret scene. Immersing herself in the glitz, glamour, and scandalous nightlife of the era, the naive D’yan was transported from a sheltered suburban existence to a life filled with underground sex clubs and the swinger’s scene. A coming of age story like you have never seen. At 88, the audacious D'yan is still going strong. Come celebrate life, love, and the city of Paris with her!

D'yan has performed the show all over New York and on her 88th birthday she played to a sold out house at the iconic Joe's Pub. Prior to that D'yan performed the show on a boat in Paris while floating down the Seine.

Swinging on the Seine was written by D’yan Forest and Stephen Clarke (bestselling author of “A Year in the Merde”). D’yan Forest has performed all over the world with notable performances in New York, Paris, Edinburgh and even Ethiopia. If there’s a stage, chances are she’s been on it.

A Broad Abroad

A Broad Abroad


In 2014 D'yan began performing an evening of stories from her worldwide travels combined with the music she learned along the way. It became clear that this might make a funny, musical and thought provoking one-person show. She began to develop a script with writer/director, Eric Kornfeld* and every few weeks, she’d perform the latest rendition on Friday and Saturday nights upstairs at Dixon Place. As the show got tighter and more popular, it also became known as, “Around The World In Eighty Years”. D’yan performed it in NYC, South Hampton, The San Diego Fringe Festival and several other venues. It was always well received but when she got back into New York, she decided she wanted the show to be more than a glorified travelogue.

She managed to find a journal she had kept during the years she lived in Paris. It contained detailed accounts of what she calls her “international affairs”, of which there were many. Very many. The show went through another transformation as it was spiced up considerably. Only the names were changed (well, most of them). The show became more relevant, more humorous, more romantic and more moving. Now the story about places was a story about D’yan; the show she had imagined. Last spring at The Orlando Fringe Festival, the show was an immediate hit with crowds and festival staff alike. It garnered outstanding reviews and was named a “Fringe Fave”. It returned to New York City to play a sold out run at The Duplex and now, “A BROAD ABROAD” will be featured in NYC’s Frigid Festival (February 16th to March 4th, 2016) at the Kraine Theater, before touring.


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I Married A Nun

I Married A Nun

D’yan performed her one woman show, “I Married a Nun” from 2011 to 2012, in various festivals and cabarets throughout the country, including the New York International Fringe Festival. This provocative tale proves, once and for all, that humble origins, humorous mishaps, tragic divorce, forbidden nights, globe trotting adventures and nuns DO have something in common. D’yan Forest humorously recalls how rules, religion, love, sadness and music molded her life.

Article: Funny, Forever Young, and Wise Beyond Her Years

Paris Mémoire

In 2010 & 2011, D'yan performed a lively cabaret show titled, “Mighty Fine at 79” at Dixon Place. It grew into "Paris Memoires"; a funny, and romantic evening that chronicles D'yan's life as a citizen of Paris in her typically sensual and warm manner. She strums away on her ukulele and performs French favorites on the piano with special attention to the Edith Piaf songbook. You’ll think you're in Paris and long for more. Bring your singing voices because D'yan will want you to help her along the way, in languages that you thought you never knew! This show is perfect for special events and occasions.